Sydenham Waterworks project officially opened

Sydenham Waterworks was officially opened by Mayor Lake, Township of South Frontenac, on Saturday, August 21, 2006. The community of Sydenham was serviced with private wells, many were contaminated with nitrates and had high bacterial counts. In order to improve the quality of water to the residents of Sydneham, staff at TSH were involved with the implementation of the Sydenham Municipal Waterworks System. The Sydenham Waterworks system includes a new water treatment plant, water distribution system and elevated storage tank. TSH staff were involved in the original Class EA, Design and Contract Administration for the system. The treatment plant process includes the first large scale Kinetico Macrolite treatment system in Ontario which provides superior filtration versus conventional dual media filters.

The Mayor was especially appreciative that this project has been completed ON TIME, UNDER BUDGET and with NO MAJOR PROBLEMS. The four contracts that make up this $7.7M project have been completed for $150,000 less than total tender price!

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