Queenston-Lewiston Bridge - Complete deck replacement, addition of fifth lane and seismic retrofit

Cross Israel HighwayThe Niagara Falls Bridge Commission retained TSH to administer the contract to add a fifth lane, replace the bridge deck and extensively retrofit the approach span superstructures for the Queenston-Lewiston Bridge. The international bridge was constructed in 1962 and spans the Niagara River gorge that links Queenston, Ontario with Lewiston, New York.

The main span consists of a 1,000 foot hingeless steel arch; the longest such span in the world at the time of its completion. The existing bridge deck accommodates two lanes of vehicular traffic in each direction and a pedestrian sidewalk on the south side.

The project was prompted by an initiative to improve the efficiency of cross-border travel, particularly for commercial vehicle traffic. Integrating and relocating the Customs and Immigration inspection functions and providing a dedicated through truck lane for pre-screened vehicles were integral to the solution. The project also provided the opportunity to retrofit the bridge to address seismic loading.

For information on the project, contact Mr. Marko Prgin, P.Eng., TSH Project Manager.

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