Intake Two Application

Details have been announced for Intake Two of the Canada-Ontario Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund (COMRIF) with an application deadline of September 30, 2005. The priorities for Intake Two are similar to Intake One, being local roads and bridges, solid waste management and water and wastewater, with emphasis on health and safety, public policy priorities and value for money.

TSH is well qualified to provide the support needed to complete the project proposal, the supporting business case, the technical documentation, and the required application forms, as we were able to for Intake One, with success. TSH Associates assisted in the preparation of forty-one (41) Intake One applications, either submitting directly on behalf of municipalities or providing technical resources for a municipality to complete a project application. Of the number of applications that TSH was involved in, twenty (20) projects were selected by COMRIF for Intake One funding with a total eligible project amount of $32.9 Million.

The list of Intake One funded projects, in which TSH played a role in the application, includes upgrades to sewage treatment plants and collection systems, improvements to roadways and rehabilitation or replacement of bridges and culverts. On behalf of the municipalities who have received funding for their projects, TSH is currently undertaking the design assignment, including any necessary Federal and Provincial environmental assessments, submissions for approvals and permits, contract administration and resident inspection of the works, etc.

TSH has resources available to assess the needs of your infrastructure system and with its knowledge of the COMRIF process, we can assist your municipality in selecting the project that will be viewed upon positively by the funding selection process.

In addition to project funding, COMRIF provides for special funding to assist municipalities in the management of their infrastructure assets. Such activities as enhancing knowledge of existing infrastructure, evaluating life-cycle costs associated with infrastructure assets, assessing current capacity and future needs, improving planning and decision-making related to infrastructure, and training municipal staff in infrastructure management are all cited as areas which could be eligible for specific funding under COMRIF.

We look forward to the opportunity of discussing with you how we might be of assistance with your COMRIF application for Intake Two, as well as for asset management and specific infrastructure projects.

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