TSH and AECOM merger moves ahead

Plans to merge TSH and AECOM are progressing and on October 1, 2008, all Canadian AECOM companies (TSH, UMA, Cansult, KMK, and Gartner Lee) will come together as a new company to be known as AECOM Canada.

Our goal is to make AECOM Canada the choice of our clients and the home of opportunity for our people.  Our specific aims are to be:

  • Highly valued by our clients for our advice, our performance and our expertise;
  • The Canadian leader in professional technological and management services;
  • The employer of choice for those seeking a career in the professional services sector; and
  • Highly valued by our investors as we consistently return value to our shareholders.

It will be business as usual for TSH and our sister companies while merging activities are being planned and implemented.

While we have grown and become stronger in our service capabilities, we will remain true to our core values and our roots, serving local clients on local projects of all sizes and scope.

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